Frequently asked questions

What states do you have?
You can see what states we have by hovering over the real estate salespersons or brokers tab on the top menu.

What if you do not have my state?
If we do not have the state you want to use the national section.  The national section will cover the content that will come up on your exam excluding the material that is state specific.

How do I schedule a Webinar?
Our support staff can schedule a webinar for you.  We need 3 days to prepare prior to the webinar.

Am I eligible for a webinar?
two 1 hour webinars are included in the year package.

Are the Webinars Recorded?
Yes, they are recorded and used as educational material for others.  However your identity does not have to be disclosed.

How do I see my exam scores?
As you are taking your exam your scores are recorded.  To see your scores click on your name in the top right.  You will see your profile page.  At the bottom of the profile page you can see your scores.

How long are the downloadable mp3 files?
each MP3 file is 2-5 minutes long.  The total of the length of all of them is about 120 minutes but that constantly changes as we are always updating the content..

Do I need to install any software or download any programs onto my computer?
No. You will never need to download anything, install a CD, or other software that can bog down your computer. All you need is an internet browser and connection.

Will the program continue to take payment from my credit card after my subscription has expired?
No. YOU WILL NEVER BE AUTOMATICALLY BILLED, you will only be billed upon your authorization.

How long does it take for my account to be activated after I make a purchase?
Within five minutes if not immediately!

How often is the content updated?
Constantly. As the exams change so do our questions. This done in an effort to come as close to your state exam as possible.

How does the guarantee work?
Our guarantee policy is based upon you successfully passing our practice exams. We cannot guarantee that you will pass your exam if you haven’t used and successfully passed our practice exams! Thus if you have demonstrated success on our practice exams and still do not pass your exam we will give your money back. For more information on our guarantee policy click here. 

– Is there a “standard” real estate test?
Many people think that there is a national real estate test. This is not the case. Many states have a national portion, which many states but not all share. When a state has a national portion it will typically be accompanied by a state portion to focus on that state’s laws. Some states, such as California, do not have a state portion as the state and national information are compiled into one exam.

– What do I have to do to get licensed?
The process for obtaining your license will vary from state to state much like the state exam does. It will usually involve an age and education requirement, and for brokers some type of experience is standard. Most states, but not all, have more than one type of license (salesperson & broker) and the definition of what one can do with those licenses will also vary.

Will the questions be exactly like the ones on the exam?
No, that would be illegal.  I try to cover the content as closely as I can to help you pass.  Although the questions on your exam will be different, all of our material has been written to reflect what you will need to know in order to pass.   All of my time is spent keeping up to date with the information on each state’s exam.  Do not trust any program, person or company that says they have the exact questions from the exam.