Pass or your money back

Score over 80% or higher on the following and if you do not pass your state exam I will refund your money
Property Ownership
Property Transfer

Master Exam
State Portion questions (when applicable)

Mix & Match questions
Fill in the blank questions
Only applicable to 1 month or 1 year accounts.

I believe in my program so much that if you can prove that you have used the program and you still do not my pass your state exam. I will give you your money back.

People study for the real estate exam by doing multiple choice questions over and over again because the state exam is a multiple choice exam.

People who just do multiple choice test over and over again and ask my why they are failing is like watching a sprinter just continuously do 40 yard dashes and ask why is not winning races.

The competition is stretching, lifting, doing cardio, working on technique, diversifying their training.

The exam must be approached in a similar manner. Break everything down and do different learning exercises to reach your goal.

Learn the material topic by topic so that the concepts will relate to each other.

Only once all the topics are nailed down  should should you try mixing them together in a master exam.

Different styles of questions will help you to understand the material.  I go back to my analogy of the athlete.

If you see the information in a different context such as a mix and match quiz, fill in the blank or even a crossword puzzle. You will gain understanding rather then just filling out bubbles on a multiple choice test.

After successfully completing the other types of quizzes, going back to the the multiple choice will be a piece of cake.

It is all part of a process to ensure you succeed!

If a concept troubles you, you can find videos and MP’3s giving short, clear explanations of the concepts.  All videos on this site are accompanied with written explanations.

And you can always watch a Webinar for a more complete lesson.

Everything you need to pass is right here!  Embrace everything I have to offer and YOU WILL PASS and you will be selling real estate in no time!!